Ceci Bride Advice - Yubeteh

Yubeteh, Real Bride

Amangani  |  Jackson, Wyoming

Real Bride Advice: Having a wedding planner that you get along with and gets your feeling and style is very important. Laura, my wedding planner with Lyndsey Hamilton Events, made the process to easy and enjoyable and memorable in the best way possible! And always get a videographer! That's the best advice I got from my married friends, that didn't have one and they regret it! I'm so happy I got one.

What It's Like to Be a Ceci Bride: Working with Ceci New York was the nicest process ever!
They understood my vision and delivered exactly what I wanted, actually they exceed our expectations, and we are so happy with our final design and everything that they did! We just used Ceci again to do our Christmas cards! They were just stunning! They are super professional, friendly and a joy to work with them! 


Photography by Laura Kleinhenz / Docuvitae