Ceci Bride Advice - Gianna

Gianna, Real Bride

The Venetian  |  Garfield, New Jersey

Real Bride Advice:  I am a planner at heart and although working at Madison Square Garden planning, developing and executing their community relations events with the New York Knicks and Liberty, it is a different task to plan a wedding. I feel as though there is more pressure on my shoulders and higher expectations because it was our closest family and friends who will be attended. Throughout this process, I have learned a very great tip that I would like to share with Ceci Style readers: Decide on a theme. Stick to the theme and life will be a lot easier.

Why do I say this? Think about it. When us women are shopping and we know we are going on a beach vacation. We have a focus that what we need are the bathing suits, sun dresses, sandals, sun screen, etc. I approached the wedding similar to shopping for any themed event. The theme of our wedding was Modern Day Great Gatsby and as soon as we knew what the theme and colors were, it made it a lot easier to flesh out the other details. When you shop for vendors, looks, decor, dress, accessories, you have a theme in mind so it limits your options right away! 

What It's Like to Be a Ceci Bride:  Your invitation sets the tone of your wedding. It gives your guests an expectation of what they are going to experience. For me, it was all about the “WOW” factor. I had everyone asking me how in the world are you going to pull off a “Modern Day Great Gatsby” theme. What exactly does that consist of? Well, Ceci Johnson did just that! She and her team created the most elegant invitation suite with the most perfect details of a modern day Great Gatsby theme.

From the first time I met with them, I had the best experience. When you talk about convenience, these ladies are top notch. All I had to do was voice what I was looking for, the color palette, my inspiration and they brought it all to life. I am a very decisive bride so I knew right off the bat what look I was going for.

The experience literally became fun and enjoyable. From choosing lining colors, return label envelopes, fonts, feathers, belly band options; it was an appointment I looked forward to. I had the opportunity to bring family and friends and they were very impressed with how professional Ceci New York staff is, how creative and professional they executed their appointments.

I was thrilled when we finalized the design and thought I couldn’t be blown away anymore until I received the physical invitation in the mail and my jaw dropped.

I can truly give credit to Ceci New York for the success of my wedding. Why? Because at times it is hard to get 300 guests to dress up in Gatsby attire, but when they saw the elegance of the envelope, the theme beaming throughout every little detail, expectations were set!  Compliments on top of compliments came through as to how beautiful the invitation was and it was one of the best they’ve seen. Now at the wedding, all guests dressed up to meet the standard set by the my Ceci New York invitation suite. All I had to worry about throughout this entire process was answering emails. :-) 

Photography by Kay English