Behind the Designs, Elle's Nursery


First, let me admit something to you. I am not an interior designer. As much as every one thinks this should come naturally to me since I am a graphic designer, it does not. I find it incredibly intimidating. However, I wanted to make my new baby girl's nursery a special place for her. So I faced the challenge and gave it my best shot. Since I am an artist and designer, I wanted to incorporate influences from the worlds of art, design and fashion as well as family mementos. I thought, “What are the little personal touches I want to put in the room and what are the things I want her to be exposed to?” I think whatever you put in the room, the children are exposed to it, see it, love it and learn about it.

Early on in my pregnancy, I was searching for a rug for my office and found this one I used in Elle's room. I love it because it has a perfect balance of a neutral foundation with the big poppy flowers that are very girly yet edgy. I saved it and thought it would be perfect if I were having a girl.  So when I found out her gender, it all fell into place, and I decided everything else was going to play off of it. I also knew I didn’t want a typical princessy, fluffy baby room. I started with a clean black-and-white palette then added graphic impacts and pops of color in raspberry, pink, orange and red, along with the hints of brass throughout. I wanted the room to be fun, youthful and fashion forward—a mix of all the things I love and want to inspire her with. 

I hand painted the flying birds above her crib and the paintings on her gallery wall are all homemade, either by myself or her older sister, Caroline. It makes me happy that everything is personal but came together with a cohesive vibe. I love making special things for my children through my creativity. All the birds are black except for the one pink bird at the top. That bird symbolizes Elle. She's the leader of the flock flying to her own happy song. And as she grows up, and asks "Why am I the only pink bird, Mommy?" I can explain to her that it's OK to be different and unique in this world. To embrace what makes you you and only you. And that it's special to not be like everyone else. Encourage her to fly to her own song and make her own way in this big world and that mommy will always be here to catch her if she falls. To never give up and always go after her dreams! 

Also, the arrows in the room and on her sheets are purposeful. Might seem like an odd object to put in a baby's room but I love the meaning. An arrow can represent courage as one moves forward in life. A single arrow represents defense and protection from harm (which is similar to a mother's job, no?). It can also be used as a symbol of movement or direction, all to me standing for positive encouragement for her new life.  








Photography by Ana Schechter