There's a fall chill in the air - things are definitely getting cozy and romantic!

To get you in the mood, this week I'm thrilled to be featuring a project I worked on with event planner Jill La Fleur, whose romantic vision I simply adore. Jill chose Grand Palais, an opulent-yet-subtle invitation from my ready-to-order line, for a dreamy photo shoot at New York's Metropolitan Building (which, by the way, is great place for your big event). I love how she was inspired by the invite to create a magical, flower-filled world graced by models styled with a hint of old-fashioned charm. I wouldn't mind trying out the redheaded model's curly bob one day. Which element from the shoot has you spellbound?

Lush and inviting, Grand Palais is perfect for a grand affair or an intimate soiree (I even think it makes for beautiful wallpaper, the results of which are directly below!). Still, the beauty of this invitation - or any other Ceci New York ready-to-order piece - is that it can be changed to any color to fit your vibe. It's like getting a dress from your favorite designer in the exact shade you want. At Ceci New York, your wish is our command!


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