V35: Ceci Inspirations - Sea of Enchantment


It doesn’t get much better than a destination wedding in the Caribbean. To show you just what I mean, this week I’m highlighting a special project I worked on for Aquamare, a gorgeous rental property in the British Virgin Islands.

The wonderful people there commissioned me, alongside photographer Mel Barlow and event planner Claudia Hanlin from the Wedding Library, to dream up an event that would help them show off their luxury villas. Naturally, it didn’t take long for me to find inspiration everywhere I looked, from Aquamare’s three amazing houses to the stunning turquoise waters surrounding the island of Virgin Gorda. I also discovered irresistible little details, like the seahorse in Aquamare’s logo.

As I got started on the invitations for our imagined event, I kept those specifics in mind and created a symbol that chicly combined a seahorse with a mix of seashells. I repeated the seahorse motif in the escort cards, coasters, matches, wine labels, and anywhere else I thought it would be clever and appropriate; Claudia did the same for the tables. It’s a great example of how details matter and how easy it is to carry your branding throughout your entire event. Why not impress your guests by putting your logo on everything from your aisle runner to the pool’s beach balls?

To celebrate this week’s featured palette – silver, natural, and turquoise – Get the Look has a ton of fantastic beach-themed fashion and entertaining ideas in those colors. I’ve also included Mel’s vivid photos from the Aquamare project, which will help you see the big picture. Finally, read on for great advice from Mel on how to get your wedding published and Claudia’s tips on planning a destination event. Trust me, you won’t want to miss any of this!


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - VIEW FINDER: Sitting on a beach on Virgin Gorda, Ceci admires the turquoise sea that helped inspire the color palette for her Aquamare invitations.