I know it’s hard to imagine, but spring is almost here. Soon, trees will be flowering and birdsong will fill the air. If I’m paying close attention, I might even spy the remains of a delicate eggshell on a walk through New York City’s tree-filled parks.

To get you in a spring-like spirit, this week I’m featuring the flower- and bird-filled wedding invitations I designed for a creative photo shoot at Firestone Vineyards in Los Olivos, California. My two exceptional collaborators? Event planner Rebecca Stone of {duet} Weddings and photographer Corbin Gurkin. After an inspirational visit to Firestone's property, a truly heavenly spot for a wedding, we decided on a theme incorporating birdcages, blooms, music sheets, and colorful vintage tins - the kind that might have been used for cookies and candies in the old days.

As my New York team and I got to work on the invitations, we made sure to incorporate as much detail as we could. First came the delicate floral patterns and fun vintage typography that are the hallmarks of collectible tins; the same idea was repeated on the custom stamps. We then used patterned lining that resembled sheet music and added a sweet birdcage to the reply card’s envelope.

Since a strong berry and a bright turquoise were the invitation's main colors, this week’s Get the Look is all about those two happy hues – with some pretty pastels thrown in for good measure. To get a sense of how it all came together on the day of the shoot - actual vintage tins doubled as vases and old sheets of music served as placemats - scroll down to see the delightful images. Plus, Rebecca and Corbin reveal their essential tips for achieving such gorgeous results. Now, if only the weather would get the hint!


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - TRUE BLUE: Vintage meets modern as Ceci, wearing Hugo Boss, stands in front of the charming collection of old-fashioned tins that inspired this week's spring-themed invitations. Shot by Corbin Gurkin.

Photography by Corbin Gurkin Photography

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