Ceci Inspirations

V287: Ceci Inspirations - Happy Anniversary, Ceci and Alan!

While we are as busy as ever with kids, business and just life, I want to continue the tradition of dedicating this issue to my husband, Alan, and to all wedding anniversaries.

V281: Ceci Inspirations - Pantone Color of the Year

Come explore the alluring possibilities of Pantone's Color of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

V271: Ceci Inspirations - Ceci New York Gives Back

Hooray! We're partnering with the Birthday Party Project to bring the magic of birthdays to homeless children around the country.

V265: Ceci Inspirations - Hello, Baby!

Ceci Johnson's getting ready for her special arrival with creative ideas galore. Find out what she's having and get a sneak peek at her nursery design ideas.