Seven years ago I married my best friend, my rock, my air. I can't believe how fast the time has gone – it still feels like yesterday that we were dancing the night away in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. While we are as busy as ever with kids, business and just life, I want to continue the tradition of dedicating this issue to my husband, Alan, and to all wedding anniversaries.

This week we're simplifying things a bit to focus on the talented artists who help us celebrate in stylish, creative ways. Each year for our anniversary issue I invite an artist who specializes in fashion illustration to select one of their favorite images from my wedding to do what they do best. It's so fun to see each of their styles come through. Plus, their art becomes a treasured keepsake. While nothing can replace your photographs, this is another unique way to add art into your life.

Last year's duo of Sujean Rim and Lena Ker offered both playfulness and romance while two years ago Blair Breitenstein's interpretation was more avant-garde (don't miss her fashion prints – I'm obsessing over them)! Our first foray into commemorating using fashion illustrations was with Debi Griffin, who beautifully captured my intricate Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. Her work will always be near and dear to my heart. Finally, this year, we're featuring my newest find, Karen Orr. Her detailed illustration of my gown and the unique way she creates dimension and texture is simply stunning. Cherishing and reliving these special moments from your big day is priceless and one of the best ways to honor your love each year. And no matter your style, these personalized illustrations make great gifts for yourself, your partner or even your friend.

I hope this helps inspire you all to (artistically!) celebrate your anniversary – or any day with your love.


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - Happy Anniversary, Ceci & Alan!

Illustrations by Karen Orr