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From False Start Resolutions to a Game-Changing Year: Tips from Nephi Niven, Achievement Coach

For most of us, the end of one year and the beginning of the next is a time to look back at lessons learned and declare a fresh start. Unfortunately, most of us are accustomed to making resolutions for a better life and seeing them lose steam by the time April showers roll in. Finishing your novel, starting a blog, launching your business, or leaving your job for a career that fulfills you – the goals may vary but the obstacles are often the same.

Determined to have a year that breaks the mold? Follow these 5 guidelines, and make 2016 a year like you’ve never had before.

  1. Does your goal turn you on? If your goals are boring, you will likely lose interest before you get to the finish line. Too often, people use goals and resolutions to fix what they don’t like. If your goal is focused on solving your woes, it’s a trap. As soon as one gets better, another will arise, and creating goals to have a life without problems is a fool’s errand. Consider setting goals that are meaningful to you, represent your values, and inspire you. What would a breakthrough year look like for you? Publish your first coffee table book. Make enough money to go to that place you’ve always dreamed of. Record your first LP. What is a dream that is worth sticking to you?

  2. Be specific. Know what exactly you’re going for and know by when you’ll get there. How many paintings will you hang in your first gallery show? Will your hotel in Bombay have 4 stars or 5? This way you can know how many pages you have to write, dollars you have to earn, investors you’ll have to find, and you can base how you're doing on your intended result rather than where you feel like you should be on any given day.

  3. Shout it from the hilltops. Nothing worth doing can be done alone. Tell every single person to whom your undertaking might be remotely interesting, and then a few more. Spoken goals become real, and to accomplish things you’ve never done before, you’ll usually need to get supported like you’ve never been supported before. The more people that know what you’re up to, the more real the endeavor becomes, the more people ask you how it’s going, and the more ears you have listening for opportunities. Successful people have conversations about the future they’re creating, while people that are stuck talk about the past and the present.

  4. Know your saboteur. No one knows you better than… you. Your past failures can either hold you back or arm you for the future. Think about what gets in the way before it happens, and think about what you’ll do to have it go differently this time around. Do you get busy? Conflicting advice? Do you have difficulty finding a niche? Do you lose motivation? All of these challenges can be anticipated and actions can be taken to address them before they rear their heads. For larger goals, consider getting a coach.

  5. Stay positive, dummy! One of the greatest saboteurs of them all is creating a goal, only then to feel pressured or even oppressed by it. It’s something that we’re all programmed to do, and have to be intentional about changing. Surround yourself with people who motivate you. Take on a daily gratitude practice. Reward yourself for the process! If you start living your goal as a struggle, you’ll likely quit it, play small and do the minimum, or, even worse, succeed and continue setting goals to suffer through. Practice these 5 principles, and you’ll completely change your relationship to resolutions, goals and accomplishment.

All goals are possible – but the greater the goal, the greater the challenge and the greater the rewards. If you’re looking for a complete career overhaul or life transformation, consider a completely new way of getting supported. Hire a coach. Join a community. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you’re doing and enjoy the challenge!

Nephi Niven

NEPHI NIVEN Nephi Niven is a New York City-based business and professional coach who specializes in generating breakthrough, inspiring results in individuals, in businesses and in organizations. He is passionate about working with visionaries and culture creators, and has been involved with the production of films and operas, exhibitions and novels, the formation of professional collectives and more. In addition to his private coaching practice, Nephi is on an affiliate of and mentor for Accomplishment Coaching, an ontologically based coach training and leadership development course certified by the International Coach Federation, in both Washington, D.C. and in New York City. He is involved with business and creative communities in both cities and is a published writer and photographer.