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How to Tastefully Use Red in Your Next Party by Lacy Branch Events

  1. Is there such a thing as too much red? Great question, and while I love all things red, it has to be used in a very intentional way or it can quickly become Moulin Rouge.

  2. What are some chic ways to bring red into an event? When you are doing a dinner party, you can be a little bit more dramatic with the red – and more intimate. Think tone-on-tone layering of reds in the linens, flowers, and even the candles. But for a wedding we like to still make it colorful and rich but without it becoming tacky.

  3. How do you determine the shade of red to use? First I like to find the clients' appetite for the shade. The red spectrum is very wide and ranges from cool to neutral to warm to dark and can be easily confused. There have been many times when we sit down to design the clients' vision of “red,” which might actually be crimson. So we like to understand what red means to them. If the clients do not have a preference regarding the shade, then I like to select one based on the venue, the time of year, and the feeling we are trying to evoke. From that point on we begin to feather and layer the complementary colors and textures until – voila – the perfect color palette is born!

  4. Do you have specific examples you’d like to speak to regarding Nicole’s wedding? For Nicole and Dan’s wedding, the bride was absolutely in love and obsessed with the color red. This was perfect, as part of her ancestry is Chinese, and in Chinese culture the color red plays a vital role in wedding festivities and is considered a bold and lucky color. In addition to this, the color signifies love, happiness and prosperity. Then the last piece of the puzzle was the wedding date. The couple got married on the Fourth of July. So it was an absolute that the color red would heavily influence the design. We took inspiration from the Chinese culture and the Fourth of July by using a true red. For the linens we stayed with a very neutral silver and champagne, which helped balance the impact of the vibrant red flowers. Additionally, both warm and cool tones were incorporated by mixing metals.

  5. How did Ceci New York contribute to the overall aesthetic? When we met with Ceci New York to design the stationery, the clients expressed their love of architecture and Art Deco. The stationery in turn became one of the foundational design elements for the event. The graphic that was created featured the St. Louis Arch in such a subtle way that it looked very much just like an Art Deco design. However, the clients knew what it was. This graphic was carried to the cake, to the lighting, to the dance floor, to the menus. This was our way of branding their event in a truly one-of-a-kind style.

  6. And one of your favorite things? The red dance floor, which was never empty the entire night! We think we found just the perfect balance of red for this wedding.

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