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Visions of Celebration - Wondering how to arrive in style to a masquerade-inspired event? Visions of Venice shares their insight to ensure you're properly dressed to the occassion

Selecting the Perfect Mask for Your Masquerade Event by Visions of Venice

  1. Know your event: One of the most important things to consider when selecting your mask is to know what the event is for. Be sure to select a mask that will go with the event/masquerade you are attending. Is it black tie formal? A 13th century Venice masquerade? Mardi Gras style? A Halloween event or a masquerade-themed wedding? You want to make sure you select something that's appropriate. A macabre-styled mask probably wouldn’t be the best pick for a black tie event, nor do you want to outdo the bride at a masquerade-themed wedding.

  2. Get creative: Work a theme, style or look into what you are going to wear to the masquerade. Pick a mask that will define what look you are going for.

  3. Accentuate your dress: The mask will be your biggest and boldest accessory. Treat it as a part of your dress. Pick a mask that has designs and embellishments that will flow with your dress.

  4. Have fun with it: Be bold. Don’t just go with a safe, ordinary selection. Make a statement and bring some spirit and excitement to your pick. After all, that is what a masquerade is supposed to be: fun!

Visions of Venice

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