As an artist and designer, I navigate a unique creative process for each client. This is truly the heartbeat of my business and what I believe sets us apart. It's when ideas and innovation happen and where the endless possibilities come to life! As such, it’s one of the main reasons I created CeciStyle (I always wanted to share more than just the finished product!), and it has been an invaluable platform to highlight this unique world we get to play in - one that most know very little about.

This week I'm highlighting our distinctive process and I’m especially proud to share the story behind Ceci Bride Tamara's invitation and her Los Angeles Public Library wedding. Each client we're fortunate enough to work with is a fantastic opportunity to create the unexpected, and that’s just what we set out to do for Tamara. She came to me with a completely open mind, only wishing to combine her venue, her love of reading (she’s also a writer!) and a desire to wow her guests. I knew we were in for a treat with this creative path we were about to travel down and that it would be inspiring, challenging and, most of all, rewarding.

After researching her Southern California venue and brainstorming with my team, I wanted to design an invitation that made guests feel like they discovered it in an enchanted garden, on a bed of moss, before entering into the palatial Los Angeles Public Library (check out the intricate ceiling inside - it’s inspiration galore!). The goal was to evoke the feelings they would soon experience as they made their way to a magical evening in an incredible space. We first presented concept sketches ranging from a pop-up book-style invitation to a layered, laser-cut booklet wrapped in a leather-like paper. From there, with Tamara's collaboration and feedback, we evolved the initial concepts into design options and then into a fleshed-out letterpress and foil stamped leather-bound laser-cut invitation suite complete with a custom-printed bookmark featuring the wedding website. The beauty of being a curious designer means coming up with never-before-seen concepts and helping my clients, like Tamara, make bold statements (I mean, can her envelope liner artwork be any more jaw-dropping?). It's what I love most!

Now, if all of this talk of stunning libraries has put you in the mood for a good new book, we've got you covered. I asked my team to share what they’re currently loving to help kick-start your summer reading list. Here's to happy reading and creating! Wishing you all a lovely and inspired summer.


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - Library of Love - Join us as we find inspiration in the  dramatic art and architecture