I love a bride who does things differently, and this week is no exception. Two issues ago you met Erica, who had an unconventional ceremony and wedding celebration, and this week we’re introducing you to Signe and Scott, who were all about making an individual, unique statement with their wedding invitations. (Call me a woman of many tastes – I also have a soft spot for the opulent and romantic, like Ceci Bride Tara’s affair!)

Luxury can be fun, and we set out to prove that the minute Signe and Scott told us their obsession: Moonrise Kingdom, film director Wes Anderson’s summer camp-based love story. Inspired by the movie’s unique elements – from the characters’ various camp activities to the film’s yellow-and-blue color palette and symmetrical aesthetic – we delivered an invitation on thick, luxurious cardstock that brought the couple’s passion to life. The wedding took up a whole weekend (did I mention it was held in Denmark?), so we made it our mission to present all the events surrounding their wedding in a similarly stylish way. Costume rehearsal dinner, anyone?

One of the best parts of this job is living vicariously through our clients – and now you can, too. Grab your costume and come along for the fun ride!


P.S. Thanks to Ditte Capion for capturing all the magic!

Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - Make your cinematic dreams come true with our Wes Anderson-inspired take on entertaining