V217: Savvy Style Advice - Sammi, Real Bat Mitzvah Girl

Savvy Style Advice
Ceci New York Bat Mitzvah Girl - Samantha

SAMANTHA'S MOTHER Working with Ceci was the perfect way to kick off the event-planning process for Samantha's bat mitzvah! First and most importantly, the whole interactive and individualized process was so much fun that it set the perfect tone for the whole journey. The conversation with Ceci in the studio really got us thinking about what kind of experience we wanted to create for our guests and also about how we wanted to express Samantha’s personality, interests and unique tastes at the event. As we corresponded with the studio about the different elements of the invitation, we felt like the ideas we were seeing from Ceci helped us refine our own overall concept. We were thrilled with the finished product. It was breathtakingly beautiful and completely unique, and we got incredible feedback from friends and family as soon as the invitations began to arrive. But it also, in a sense, opened a door into the event by giving all the guests a sneak peek of what we were planning for the evening. I think it created great buzz, and that was so satisfying for Samantha in particular! She loved knowing that even in a year filled with celebrations, hers stood out from the very moment the envelope with the invitation arrived.