V153: Expert Style Tips - Stylish Outdoor Entertaining Goods from Amanda Allen of NewlyWish

Expert Style Tips
Backyard BBQ Style - Upgrade your Independence Day soiree with Amanda Allen of NewlyWish

Stylish Outdoor Entertaining Goods from Amanda Allen of NewlyWish

  1. Crab Napkins by Ortolan ($84 for a set of four) These adorable crab napkins are perfect for a picnic, and they double as a bib.

  2. Anchor Outdoor Pillows by Thomas Paul ($80) Go get your flippie-floppies because this pillow from Thomas Paul's Outdoor Collection is perfect for outdoor lounging and entertaining.

  3. Rustic Party Bowl by Shiraleah ($65) This is the perfect punch bowl or ice bucket for all of your summer get-togethers.

  4. Camerons Stovetop Smoker ($49.95) This smoker allows you to healthfully infuse flavor into your food by smoking it right on your stovetop.

  5. Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends Silicone Barbecue Spatula ($15) Sizzle your steak in style with Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends Silicone Barbecue Spatula.

  6. Sam Adams Boston Lager Cut Packages by Robinson’s Prime Reserve ($79.95 - $89.95) You’ll be the grill master of the ‘hood with this Sam Adams Boston Lager and mixed grill package.

  7. Baggy Wine Coat by Menu ($62.95) Now your wine doesn’t have to go naked to your next outdoor fete!

  8. Venezia Double Old-Fashioned Glasses by Shiraleah ($42) These colorful Venezia double old-fashioned glasses say not to take your cocktails too seriously.

  9. MKS Knives ($150 - $315) Whether you’re chopping chives or cubing cucumbers, these knives are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

  10. Carafe by Menu ($49.95) This sleek carafe can be used to serve either water or wine at your next summer get-together.

  11. Flat Adirondack Rocker by Loll Designs ($594) This modern looking Loll Adirondack Rocker is made to rock you into a peaceful summer stupor.

Amanda Allen, NewlyWish

AMANDA ALLEN, NEWLYWISH Amanda Allen created NewlyWish after her own wedding registry experience, during which she found that her favorite local shops didn’t offer gift registries. She then asked herself the question, “Since no bride is the same, why shouldn’t her registry be as unique and special as every other part of her wedding?” And with that, NewlyWish was born, built with the goal of providing couples access to the city’s finest shops and offering chic, stylish, and modern gift options for the kitchen, table, bed, bath and home, plus "experience gifts" such as cooking classes and dancing lessons, tickets to the theater, concerts, and sporting events, and even spa and fitness packages. Since launching, Amanda and her team have taken the gift giving beyond the registry to include a range of unique ideas for wedding party gifts, favors and welcome bags, stationery, and more…

Amanda always inspires me with her drive for success. I love her business and her mind. She knows what it takes and will not stop until she gets there! I always admire that in people. But best of all, she is a wonderful, kind woman. Thanks to her, chic couples can now have unique registries that they actually love! Thank you, Amanda! - CECI JOHNSON