V145: Ceci Diaries - Ceci Johnson's Product Picks for Your Toddler (1-2 Years)

Ceci Diaries


What I’ve learned over the last few years is that babies grow so fast, and that means your needs as a mom are ever evolving and changing. The products that saved your life when your baby was a newborn to 3-4 months old are now obsolete.

Toddlers are curious little buggers with busy hands so you need the right products that keep them entertained or eating and drinking without spilling all over the place. So today I thought I would share my favorite products that I’m loving right now with my son. The Munchie Mug and the Contigo water bottle are absolute musts. See below for more + Happy Mother’s Day!

Toddler in Tow - Ceci Johnson's favorite products for 1-2 year olds
Toddler in Tow - Ceci Johnson's favorite products for 1-2 year olds

Ceci Johnson's Product Picks for Your Toddler (1-2 Years)

  1. Mega Bloks 80 Pc Large Classic Bag ($18.88, amazon.com) Mason’s little hands are very curious and always busy. He’s at the development stage where he’s very interested in putting objects together – especially those that hook into each other. Mega Bloks are a perfect introduction to building blocks and Legos, and they help little minds develop their fine motor skills. They’re oversized and extremely easy for little ones to assemble and take apart to their heart's content.

  2. "Noodle Loves" Books Series ($8.09, amazon.com) Noodle the panda bear is a favorite in my home. Mason is drawn to the illustration style and how interactive the books are. For example, in "Noodle Loves to Cuddle," one page has him hiding under an actual felt blanket. Mason gets the biggest thrill every time we get to that page and lift up the blanket to find Noodle there. I’m ordering "Noodle Loves the Beach" for summer. A fun way for him to learn.

  3. Contigo Autospout Kids Striker Water Bottle ($9.99, amazon.com) If I tallied up how much money I’ve already spent on trying all the different sippy cups out there, I’d probably cry. There were so many that made big promises and sounded like “the one,” but after we tried them they still leaked or were disappointing. Then my friend turned me on to Contigo water bottles. These are the best invention. We love the easy-to-use pop-up top, especially because Mason can do it on his own and it makes him happy when it pops up! This cup is completely toddler-proof. No matter how many times he drops it, there are no leaks or spills. Just a happy mom and child.

  4. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Book - Alphabet ($4.24, amazon.com) and Melissa & Doug Water Wow Numbers ($7.10, amazon.com) I’m a big fan of toys that promote learning. Plus, being an artist myself, I love to give Mason projects that involve introducing him to art and color. But let's be real – when your child is that young, the art projects can turn into huge messes for you to clean up later. Which for me translates into no fun. So when I discovered the Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity books, I was instantly sold. They come with reusable pages that are white when dry and reveal the colors when wet. Plus, with the refillable water pen I don’t have to worry about Mason eating the paint or getting it all over the house. It’s just water! Also, the compact, spiral-bound format is great for travel. This little book keeps him busy in the back seat and mommy happy in the front!

  5. Munchie Mug ($16.99, amazon.com) Tired of having your child drop snacks all over the floor? Then please do not even hesitate to buy this product. Do not let the hefty price tag scare you. It’s the best one on the market. Pricey but worth every penny in time you will save in not having to endlessly clean up puffs off the ground, your furniture, the car seats – you get the picture. No spills ever. The lid screws on tight so they can’t get it off, and it has a brilliantly-designed fabric opening that only allows little hands (not Cheerios) through! No matter how hard they shake it, nothing comes out. Also, I love that they are BPA- and phthalate-free and come in four different colors too.