V120: Expert Style Tips - Floral Tips by Meredith Waga-Perez, Belle Fleur

Expert Style Tips
Beautiful Blooms - Meredit Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur shares tips on choosing the perfect florist

Floral Tips by Meredith Waga-Perez, Belle Fleur

  1. Find a florist you trust with your vision: There is so much talent and creativity in the floral profession, but always try to find someone who you can trust with your vision and run with it. A designer should be able to steer you in an amazing direction, taking a simple idea and romanticizing it, turning it from a concept into brilliant reality. I’m always asking my clients for images of things they love, whether it’s their wedding dress, a range of Pantone colors or an image of their favorite flowers. It’s necessary to get a glimpse of their personal style in order to move forward with a concept.

  2. Consider using foliage: If you are working within a budget, embrace the notion of using foliage in your bridal bouquet and centerpieces. There are so many wonderful textures and interesting greens to incorporate, it literally lowers costs by more than 20%. It’s not only cost effective, but equally elegant to experiment with fabulous green accents such as fresh mint in the summer, or potted green myrtle topiaries in the autumn.

  3. Focus on your own vision rather than trends: Trends come and go faster than a blooming tulip. Don’t be so concerned with the latest look; instead, focus on your own personal style. It’s the subtle details that will leave a lasting impression with your guests, whether it’s a place you once traveled to with your fiance, a craze for a wonderful artifact, a passionate hobby, or possibly a sweet tooth that needs to be shared. Remember that it’s your day – set the bar high and have fun getting creative!

  4. Use Pinterest to help shape your ideas: There is an immense amount of knowledge, inspiration and imagery on the Internet, and it can be daunting and feel like information overload. Editing ideas is just as important as gathering and collecting them. Stay focused with a concept so that the vision of your decor is cohesive and directive. Create a Pinterest board of your own so you can see your vision start to take shape. I encourage all of my brides to start a Pinterest board – it’s an amazing vehicle to gather looks, fine-tune details and create the overall style.

  5. Find an unusual bloom: Try featuring a bloom that your guests don’t see very often. Every day in every season, there is a striking flower that a floral designer practically faints over. Your centerpiece or bouquet can either be quite modern or traditional, but often what it lacks is that touch of uniqueness. Without trying to reinvent the wheel or come across as contrived, ask your floral expert to feature a bloom that is a hybrid, a novelty, something whimsical and interesting. I personally love all those timeless blooms such as peonies, sweetpeas and garden roses, but at the same time, I have a craving to nestle a whimsical element, that something special between those classic flowers for just a dash of flavor and charm.

  6. Use scents to complete the experience: Scenting a space has recently become a priority for all of the weddings that Belle Fleur designs. We work closely with our brides and take them on a fragrance journey to create their own signature scent that leaves a long-lasting memento of their wedding. Our strongest sense is our sense of smell – it triggers memory and experience. Taking this notion one step further and replicating that aroma that’s wafting through the air, creating a scented candle to give as your wedding favors, certainly will be the icing on the cake for your guests, and an experience not to be forgotten.

Meredith Waga-Perez, Belle Fleur

MEREDITH WAGA-PEREZ, BELLE FLEUR Founder Meredith Waga-Perez’s love of texture, color, and composition reflects the romantic, classically modern aesthetic upon which the Belle Fleur brand was built. The acclaimed floral studio is noted for meticulous attention to detail, unyielding commitment to quality and an incomparable sense of beauty. Her passion for all things floral has been validated by an impressive following of celebrities and fashion designers. Over the past 15 years, Belle Fleur has blossomed into one of Manhattan's most influential and sought-after floral and event design firms. Meredith has been expanding her horizons into the world of fragrance, launching 10 sumptuous and distinctive scented candles.

Meredith is one of those smart businesswomen that has it all - style, grace, and a true passion for what she does. Always trying to outdo herself, she continually creates trendsetting work. And her candle collection is to die for. The fragrances add the perfect touch to any home or office. A must-try! - CECI JOHNSON

Beautiful Blooms - Meredit Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur shares tips on choosing the perfect florist
Beautiful Blooms - Meredit Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur shares tips on choosing the perfect florist
Beautiful Blooms - Meredit Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur shares tips on choosing the perfect florist

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