V106: Expert Style Tips - Five Artist Picks and Tips for Beginning Collectors by Merrill Mahan

Expert Style Tips

As a former art major – and someone who has been going all out on art projects since I could hold a crayon – I am always drawn to people who appreciate art of all kinds. And while it's easy for most of us to frame our children's kindergarten drawings or prints we picked up at the flea market, choosing real art is a different matter. So I thought it would be nice to see what a professional art adviser would recommend to help us take our "art collections" up a notch or two. What I love about Merrill is that she not only has her finger on the pulse for established collectors, she specializes in helping those who are new to acquiring contemporary art by making recommendations that are as striking as they are affordable. Discover these five new under-the-radar artists now and get the inside scoop from Merrill about the ins and outs of art collecting.