V103: Ceci Diaries - The Best Beauty Products for On-the-Go New Moms

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Have you ever looked at your perfectly dressed child and then glanced at yourself and wondered, “Whoa, what about me?!” I refuse to go down that road. For me, the secret to keeping it all together is finding quick and easy solutions that really work. If they involve too much time, they’re not for me (simply because time is a luxury I do not have much of these days). So I thought I would share these great products that have helped me seem pulled together despite all I am juggling. Try one or all, and trust me, you will be feeling a lot better about yourself!

These products are amazing for all busy ladies on the go, not just moms! I highly recommend trying.

The Best Beauty Products for New Moms On-the-Go

The Best Beauty Products for On-the-Go New Moms by Ceci Johnson

  1. Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15 ($42.50) I'm always skeptical when trying foundations. I don't like the I-can-see-you-are-wearing-foundation look, so when I discovered this great product from Clarins, I knew my search was over. This makeup provides great, seamless coverage and is super simple to apply. Just one squirt that you rub in with your fingers (like you do a moisturizer) and you're done! Perfect application every time! Plus it has SPF! Where to get it: Any Clarins counters, Clarins stores or www.clarins.com

  2. M. Steves Skincare Regimen Have you ever been so happy with a product that you want the whole world to know about it? That's how I feel about the new skincare line M.Steves, which I introduced to you a few issues back. Its multitasking qualities are perfect for my multitasking life! I honestly love it. It's easy to use and, best of all, so effective. I can really see results in the way my skin looks and feels. If you can, I recommend trying the whole line together to achieve maximum results. There are only 5 products in the line, so it's not too overwhelming to choose from. Where to get it: www.msteves.com Type the code CECISTYLE to enjoy 25% off on the M. Steves website when checking out. Here's to a beautiful new you!

  3. Shellac Manicures I am a big believer in having nice nails (especially for work). However, getting a manicure every weekend like I used to (pre-baby) is just too hard. But ever since I tried the Shellac manicures, I haven’t gone back to the regular ones. They're quick and dry instantly (no more wasting time at the dryer). Plus, they last for 4 weeks and never chip or lose their shine! I love that I only have to go once a month instead of once a week! Brilliant. Where to get it: I'm pretty sure most nail salons offer Shellac (or gel) manicures. Just ask next time you go to your local salon. They are more expensive than your standard manicure, but less expensive than getting a manicure every weekend.

  4. Eyelash Extensions At first I was afraid to try these as I didn't want to look fake. But my good friend and beauty expert Heidi Evora-Santiago from Damali NYC convinced me to give them a try. I am so happy I did because now I'm hooked! They look and feel amazing and brighten up my tired eyes. But the best part is that I wake up looking pulled together. No more runny mascara eyes. Because the lashes are black you look like you have mascara on all the time! Where to get it: Most beauty salons now offer this service. It's important to make sure they do a good job. Ladies in NYC, search no further. Call up Heidi Evora-Santiago at Damali NYC and mention you saw this on CeciStyle and she will honor a generous CeciStyle Insider deal of 20% off her services! You will love your new eyes!

  5. Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Roller ($12.99) My sister introduced me to this product, and I'm so thankful she did. Typically, I avoid using undereye concealer because all the ones I've tried look cakey and call too much attention to your eye wrinkles. But this product is incredible. It never pools and just works. The roller ball application feels good on your skin and always looks great. It's so easy and effective, my whole family uses it! Where to get it: Any local drugstore or www.amazon.com

  6. The Perfect Postnatal Workout ($24.99) I always admire people who are disciplined and go to the gym. I, on the other hand, struggle to ever work out. And with all these pesky extra baby pounds still lingering around, it's even more important that I try and do so. I found this postnatal workout video on Amazon that you can do with your baby. It’s very easy and short, which is perfect for us moms with no time on our hands. Plus, your baby gets a kick out of it as you interact with him during your exercises. It’s for beginners, so those of you who are workout pros may want a more advanced option. It’s designed to start right after you give birth – make sure you begin as soon as possible. Where to get it: www.amazon.com

  7. Spanx ($25-32) Was it Gwyneth Paltrow who admitted on the red carpet that she was wearing Spanx? Well, she had the right idea. These are the best invention for women. Try them and you'll see why once you do! Where to get it: Most department stores carry the line but you can also find it on www.amazon.com