V103: Ceci Diaries - Ceci Johnson's Favorite Baby Products - 4-9 Months

Ceci Diaries


I personally love it when my experienced mom friends share with me their favorite baby products. Since I find it so much easier to try out these “mom-approved” items, I thought I would do the same for you! (If you missed my recommendations for the first 3-4 months, you can find them here.) From the chicest diaper bag to the best bib ever, here are the products that I find myself using with my son on a daily basis.

Baby Love: Baby Love: Ceci Johnson's Favorite Baby Products for the First 4-9 Months

Baby Love: Ceci Johnson's Favorite Baby Products for the First 4-9 Months

  1. Citrus Lane Monthly Care Packages ($25 per month) I discovered this brilliant monthly care package service from our friends over at StrollerTraffic and am so happy I took their advice. Each month they send you a themed gift box that’s age-appropriate for your child, filled with 4-5 full-size “best of” products. I truthfully can’t wait to receive them. Our last box was titled “The Little Artist” and was filled with art supplies for babies and music that’s fun for them to learn. It’s a little treat each month. Love.

  2. Baby clothes from H&M (starting at $3.95) I seriously love H&M for baby clothes. They're cute, hip and on-trend. The price tag is so amazingly low that you can't resist buying more than one item. It makes shopping for your kid fun (and almost addictive!). I personally love their pants and polo shirts. They're the cutest for Masey! Unfortunately, you can't buy them online yet, so be sure to hit up H&M next time you see one.

  3. Grimm's Four Elements Building Set, Small (Wooden Blocks with Storage Tray) ($87.95) I'm big on natural wooden toys for Mason and when I saw these gorgeous blocks from Grimm's I was obsessed. Not only do they look beautiful, but if you look closely each section (Rainbow, Flame, Stone Cave and Wave) represents the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. It's a puzzle that doubles as eye candy!

  4. Organic Ergo Baby Carrier ($118.95) This is my favorite carrier. As a new mom, one of the most challenging things is attempting to do anything else when your baby is demanding you hold him. Once I put Mason in this carrier (after 3 months), I was hands-free and super happy! I strap him in and go run all my errands. Our experience at the supermarket is so much nicer now (as opposed to pushing a stroller and towing a shopping cart at the same time - I don't recommend trying that). Learn from me and have this handy so you can make jetting around with your baby easy!

  5. Green Sprouts Best Long Sleeve Waterproof Bib ($9.99, $28.99 for two) Best bib ever! It's essentially a thin, plastic, long-sleeve waterproof shirt with a Velcro closure that completely covers your baby while they eat. It's super easy to put on and the best part is that you don't have to put it in the washer. Just rinse with warm water, squeeze and hang up to dry. Your baby can make all the mess they want and you don't have to worry. Everyone, and I mean everyone, comments on how great these bibs are when they see Mason wearing them.

  6. Amazing Baby Books ($13.41) They’re fun and interactive, plus they double as teethers!

  7. Happy Baby Organic Puffs ($3.39) These are the “green mom’s” alternative to Cheerios. I always have a bottle of these around to keep Mason busy when hunger strikes. They’re the perfect snack to help train your baby to start picking things up. It also builds up their confidence since the puffs' stickiness helps them make it into their little mouths.

  8. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo ($91.99) Mason loves to bounce, so this comes in handy every time I need a break. I can put him in this and he will be entertained and kept safe while I quickly have a shower or just take care of things on my to-do list.

  9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag ($298) The most discreet and stylish diaper bag on the planet. Of all the ones I've seen, this one tops them all. It's lightweight, waterproof and holds everything. Plus, it's so easy to fit anywhere - under the stroller, on an airplane, on your shoulder - and it always works! Complete with a changing pad and tons of pockets to hold everything you need, this bag will make you so happy. It's worth every penny!