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Nicole Bryl, Make-Up New York

NICOLE BRYL, MAKE-UP NEW YORK Makeup artist Nicole Bryl’s subjects faithfully count on her integrity, reliability, creativity and flawless execution. Her client list includes celebrities and society beauties such as Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Naomi Watts, Molly Sims, Brooke Shields, Debra Messing, Maria Menounos, Kathie Lee Gifford, HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco & Queen Noor of Jordan, to name a few. Whether it's at a red carpet event, a television appearance or a fashion shoot, Nicole’s unique touch can always be recognized.

Great Makeup Color Trends for Summer by Nicole Bryl, Make-Up New York

  1. Color trends: The biggest makeup color trends for spring/summer 2012 are sea-foam/mint green, bright blue and yellow eye shadows, as well as neon lips in oranges and hot pinks.

  2. Seasonal orange: Orange is definitely the "it" color of the season. It's exotic and cheerful and works well on pretty much everyone in one shade or another. Fair skin look best with the brightest of oranges whereas darker skin tones should be matched with a more burnt-orange hue. (See images 8 and 9.)

  3. Pick a spot: The key to wearing orange makeup on any part of your face is to pick just one feature to play up. Too much orange all at once can begin to look Halloween-ish rather than chic and sassy. (See images 6 and 7.)

  4. Perfect blush: With orange blush, it's best to add a touch of translucent powder after you've blended your blush to perfection. The translucent powder diffuses the intensity of the orange color, leaving you with a kissed-by-nectar effect rather than a clownish look. (See images 1 and 4.)

  5. Monochromatic nude makeup: Monochromatic nude makeup is also a current trend. To create the perfect monochromatic nude look, pick a foundation that doesn't make you look too pale or shiny. After applying it to your face, eyes and neck, choose one color (such as bronze or rose, for instance) that would work well on all three features of your face (eyes, cheeks and lips). You can then play up these three features with this one one color, adding more or less intensity to whichever feature you choose. (See images 2, 3, and 5.)

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Summer Makeup Tips - New York make-up artist Nicole Bryl shares her favorite tips for staying fresh-faced this summer