I love the bold, elegant lines of Art Deco - and as it turns out, so do a lot of our clients. Modern yet glamorous, it's an incredibly popular look for wedding invitations. To give you an example, check out the dazzling Art Deco-themed set we designed for Iolanda and Michael, who just happen to live in Australia.

With us in New York and Iolanda and Michael Down Under - none of us ever met! - we created their spectacular invites over the course of a few months. Look closely and you'll see they feature the same kind of gorgeous details our local clients expect and cherish, including laser-cut gold sleeves and embellished, gold-lined envelopes.

Iolanda and Michael aren’t the only clients we've never met in person. We often have the privilege of working with couples from all over the world - including the farthest corners of the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. And when we do, everything is done through the magic of email, phone and the wonderful people at FedEx, who make sure to deliver our design packages to our clients across the globe.

No matter where you live, be sure to check out this week's Get the Look, an homage to Art Deco style. Plus, we've got a great guide on how to bring Deco style to your home or party, courtesy of Natalie Dene-Luke of Intique & Co. Styling House in Australia. Of course, I also couldn’t resist picking a few more of my favorite Art Deco invitations we've designed here at Ceci New York. Take a look and be transported!


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