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Ceci Johnson's son - Mason Charles Johnson

Never in a million years did I think I would receive such a huge response to the sleep training article I wrote a couple of issues back! But emails have been pouring in with special requests to share more of my new-mom tips. So in honor of Valentine's Day, the holiday when we celebrate love, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the baby items Mason and I love the most. There are so many baby products out there that you really can get overwhelmed and feel obligated to buy them all for fear that you won't be the best parent. Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to succumb to that pressure. Truthfully, you do not need much. Just a lot of undying love and patience. But because we all could use a little helping hand, I found these baby products to be my favorites for my baby's first 4 months.

Baby Love: Ceci Johnson's Favorite Baby Products for Her 3-to-4-Month-Old

Ceci Johnson's Favorite Baby Products for the First 3 to 4 Months

  1. iCandy Peach Stroller ($900-$1000) Love this stroller! It has all the great functionality of the Bugaboo (the one EVERYONE has) but it's even better (at least according to me)! It's from the U.K., and only a few retailers carry it stateside. It comes with a bassinet, which I kept by my bedside for Mason to sleep in when he was first born. I loved the double duty it provided. It comes in different colors, but we chose the black (I prefer the neutral colors). It even has a double attachment for twins! Worth every penny!

  2. Marpac White Noise Machine ($54.95) It's small yet very effective. Perfect for travel, too. Just unplug and throw in your suitcase. Saves you on having one for travel and one for the baby's room (I'm all about using products to their fullest). This little guy is essential for Mason's sleep schedule. Tip: get the Gentle Giraffe or Sleep Sheep for when you're in the car or stroller. It's battery-operated and babies love it because the white noise is disguised as a stuffed animal. Genius!

  3. Maclaren Bouncer ($49.44) This was (and still is) my saving grace. I keep it in my master bathroom and strap Mason in it when I need to take a shower. He is a big kicker so when his legs move, it automatically triggers the seat to bounce, making Mason the happiest baby on the block! Plus, it's super light so you can actually pick up your baby and the bouncer at the same time and easily move them into the next room. Mason sits in this thing on the ground when I'm cooking and loves it. I sing him his ABC's while chopping carrots and he just stares as happy as can be. It's perfect!

  4. Primo Bathtub ($26.99) The best $20 we ever spent! I seriously look forward to bath time each day because of how much fun Mason has in this bathtub. The greatest thing about it is the built-in molding that perfectly holds your baby in place, freeing him or her to kick and splash and giggle till the water turns cold! No matter how much Mason wiggles, the design holds his little body in place. Mason would stay in this thing all day if I let him! Ha!

  5. Fisher-Price Activity Mat ($52) This is one of Mason's favorite things to do during his day. He loves the animals that dangle above his head and he spends a good 20 minutes enthralled, batting them around, giggling and staring at the lights. Twenty minutes may not sound like much, but when you're a new mom, 20 minutes of happy baby feels like two hours!

  6. Art for Baby book (various prices) Teaching my baby about art is, of course, so important to me. I found this book and was so happy that Mason took to it. Newborns don't see in color for their first couple of months so the black and white shapes really drew him in. I would prop the book up next to him and he would just stare at the artwork, mesmerized!

  7. Haba Color Snake Toy ($10.95) I'm big on going as natural as I can when it comes to toys - especially those that babies put in their mouth. My wonderful girlfriend gave this to me when Mason hit 3 months. Its shape makes it easy for little hands to grasp, plus Mason gnaws on it all day long. (Another great teether is the Sophie Giraffe. Loved by thousands around the world, this glorified dog toy is amazing for teething babies.)

  8. Mamaroo ($239) I refused to buy an enormous swing for my baby. I just couldn't justify the amount of space it would take up in my tiny apartment. It's important to me not to turn my home into baby toyland! Despite all of my girlfriends' advice, I chose the Mamaroo. Its cool, sleek design was perfect. Mason would nap in it, and it freed my hands up so I could clean the house while he got some shut-eye.

  9. Coccoli Footie/Clothes ($28.43) I love everything Coccoli makes. Their fabrics are so soft and always look so cute on your little one. I recommend the ones with the feet to keep your baby warmer at night.

  10. Aden + Anais Burp Cloths ($21.75) Burp cloths are a definite must-have. You need to have plenty on hand at all times. I love these from Aden + Anais because of their cute designs and the fact that they have a handy built-in snap that turns them into a bib. Truthfully, I also use regular old cloth diapers and they work just as well (just not as pretty).

  11. Aden + Anais (Swaddle and Stoller) ($40) You will get tons of baby blankets as gifts, but the ones I found myself using the most are Aden + Anais's bamboo waffle blankets. They're 100% organic and their lightweight nature makes them perfect stroller covers when you need to block the sun or outside distractions to get your baby to fall asleep. I use them everywhere we go!

  12. The Lenti Zoo Hooded Towels ($31.95) These are the best invention. The hoodies are so simple yet helpful. I love the little animal ones, too. Mason looks beyond adorable when he's fresh out of the tub, all squeaky clean and wrapped up in one of these. We have the monkey and frog.

  13. Angel Dear Blankie ($12.61) Before I had Mason, I saw this Angel Dear blankie work its magic on my best friend’s three-year-old. I couldn’t believe how well it worked: the blankie signified bedtime. It’s essentially your baby’s bedtime buddy, providing comfort to help your child go to sleep. It’s important that you ONLY introduce it after they are three months old. Start to put it in the crib at all nap times. Your baby will begin to gravitate to it and pretty soon it will be a wonderful aid. Note: it’s crucial you only use the blankie in the crib or wherever your kid is sleeping. If they ask for it during awake time, it’s a no-go. The blankie is only for sleeping. Period. Otherwise it looses its magic powers. Trust me!

  14. 3 Sprouts Storage Bins for Laundry, Diapers and Toys ($49.99) Being organized is so important as a new mom. These bins make it easy and fun with their cute designs.

  15. Summer Infant Swaddlepod ($10.99) Swaddling your newborn baby is a must. I learned this from the incredibly insightful must-read book The Happiest Baby on the Block. Swaddling, however, is not the easiest technique to pick up. You may think you can do it, but when you throw in the fact that your baby is wiggling around and fighting you as you try to wrap the blanket around them, you will soon understand why I switched to the zip-up version. One quick zip and you're done (and super easy to pull off during middle-of-the-night diaper changes, too). Your baby may look like they're in a straightjacket, but trust me, they love the tight swaddle and sleep better too! Note: you only swaddle your baby until they are 3 months old.