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Tips for Designing a Birthday Cake by Ron Ben-Israel, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Since the cake is meant to celebrate a milestone of a specific person, it's important to personalize it. I try to learn as much as possible about the recipient of the cake and use those details for inspiration: age, sex, favorite colors (and flavors), hobbies, traits and habits. To coax ideas, I discuss the person's style, and even ask to see photos of their favorite objects. In Ceci's case, I knew how elegant yet playful she is - it's easy to find ideas for her, as her design work is so varied.

Ron Ben-Israel, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

RON BEN-ISRAEL, RON BEN-ISRAEL CAKES Ron Ben-Israel’s elegant cakes have long been a favorite among celebrities and the style-conscious. He was named “King of Cakes” by Modern Bride magazine and is the recipient of numerous gold medals and awards in culinary competitions. His glamorous, crystal-studded cake was recently seen in the movie Sex and the City 2. Another one of his creations shared the cover with Oprah Winfrey of her eponymous magazine. Ron and his team created the Plaza’s 100th birthday cake, which was an exact confectionery replica of the famous New York landmark. Measuring over twelve feet tall and serving 1,500 guests, the cake was hailed as a culinary and artistic masterpiece. A Master Pastry Chef Instructor at The French Culinary Institute in New York, Ron is committed to sharing his passion, techniques and secrets with students and aspiring sugar artists.

Ever since I met Ron, he has consistently made me smile. His fun-loving, enthusiastic personality, paired with his desire to make the most magnificent cakes on this planet, will have you amazed and laughing with delight at what he will create for you. One thing I can guarantee: he will always ensure that your cake will be the star of the event - next to you, of course! Cakes have never looked and tasted so good. - CECI JOHNSON

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