V80: Expert Style Tips - Ceci's Birthday Hair Look by Gina Marie Pareti

Expert Style Tips
The Party Hair - Hair stylist Gina Marie Pareti reveals the steps to getting Ceci Johnson's birthday curls

Ceci's Birthday Hair Look by Gina Marie Pareti

  1. Step 1: Start with clean, dry hair. Use a dry shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oils and create texture. I like to use Batiste Dry Shampoo. Apply a heat protectant like F450 One Pass Hot Iron Activated Smoothing Creme to ends.

  2. Step 2: Use a blow dryer and a one-inch heat venting brush. Section hair around the face. Use the brush and blow dryer to create height at roots. Use an aluminum duck-bill clip to hold sections out of your way.

  3. Step 3: Take a one-inch curling iron – I prefer the one from Hot Tools. Start by dividing the back into two vertical sections, curling in the back bottom of the head and working your way up to the top. Repeat on the other side. Continue on side sections, starting from the ear up to the top.

  4. Step 4: Pull down the top section and part the hair where you want it. Continue to curl in a direction away from the face. Use a light hair spray like Osis by Schwarzkopf Elastic Strong Hold Hairspray after all the curls are in place.

  5. Step 5: Using your fingertips, lightly separate curls throughout the head. If you want, use the light spray again to help keep curls in place.

Voilà - you have hair like Ceci!

Gina Marie Pareti, Hair Stylist

GINA MARIE PARETI Gina Marie is a hair stylist who works in the bridal, fashion, and commercial industries in both New York and Miami. She is currently freelancing and assisting celebrity hair stylist DM, with whom she has worked for over three years. Gina is very passionate about what she does and excited for the future.

Gina is quite honestly one of the most talented young hair stylists I know. She has the best personality partnered with the right amount of professionalism and talent, which makes her one of a kind. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful person to work with who understands great hair. Thank you, Gina! - CECI JOHNSON