V72: Ceci Inspirations - Frosty Fantasy


Nothing says winter like a trip up to snow country. In my family's case, every December we can't wait to head to Vermont where we can play in the white stuff to our hearts' content. Last year our trip coincided with the infamous blizzard of 2010 - I've included some pictures below - which made everything around us seem even more pristine and beautiful.

Much to my delight, I'm often approached by clients who can't wait to get married in a snowy setting. It's always a fun contrast to all those flowery spring weddings. If you count yourself among the snowflake set, then I'm sure you'll love the invitations we designed for Ashley and Adam, who held their nuptials in Whistler, British Columbia, last winter. My team and I had so much fun including an elegant mix of ski-themed elements such as log cabins, ski lifts and moose.

If you're looking for even more inspiration, check out this week's Get the Look, filled with all sorts of ski-lodge-luxe items. Oh, and don't miss the latest installment of Make This!, in which I explain how easy it is to make custom-printed onesies. Crossing my fingers we'll get snow soon!


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - SNOWED IN: Ceci and her family head to their Vermont cabin every winter. These snapshots were taken right after last year's big blizzard.