When ordering invitations, there's always so much focus on the main card - and rightly so. But we here at Ceci New York also love having fun with what comes after. Yes, I'm talking about the all-important thank you card!

To show you what I mean, this week I wanted to highlight the thank you card we designed for Barbara and Timothy, whose entire invitation suite was inspired by the couple’s German heritage. From start to end, we made sure to include personal and cultural touches in a chic way, including a customized version of a German gingerbread heart on the save-the-date and a belly band of edelweiss flowers on the main invite. The thank you card was just as elaborate, and included a silhouette of the couple leaving for their honeymoon in a vintage car. How gracious yet fun!

Since I'm a big believer in sending thank you cards whenever you can, this week I'm thrilled to announce the second annual Art of Giving Thanks contest! Last year, after receiving many wonderful handwritten cards in which contestants expressed their gratitude for someone or something in their life, my team and I picked Joanne Winograd as the winner for her sweet note dedicated to her parents and her fiance. As a prize, we designed a new card collection inspired by Joanne and also sent her a year's worth of Ceci stationery. Jump below to see the exciting final results!

Here’s how you can enter to win a stationery collection designed exclusively for you: using Ceci stationery (which you can purchase online or at a local participating retailer), send a note sharing with me what you’re thankful for, be it a person or an event in your life. If writing is not your thing, feel free to share your thoughts via a drawing or an inspiration board. You can find the mailing details here.

I'm excited to read all of your entries. We'll announce the winner on January 3rd. Good luck!


Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York - SWEET THOUGHTS: German gingerbread hearts – one of the cultural motifs used in Barbara and Timothy's invitations – get a CeciStyle makeover. The couple poses with a personalized heart for their engagement photo, bottom left.