V47: Expert Style Tips - Headwear Style Tips by Leah C. Couture Millinery

Expert Style Tips

Leah Chalfen

LEAH C. COUTURE MILLINERY Designer Leah Chalfen combines her unique brand of sophisticated, American whimsy with classic millinery techniques. Stylish women from across the globe covet her timeless designs. Never one to conform to trends, Leah’s designs are favored by the fashion industry’s top stylists and editors because they transcend era, event and outfit so completely. Leah’s headpieces have accompanied high fashion and bridal-fashion editorials shot by fashion photography legends, including Irving Penn and Karl Lagerfeld.

Leah C. is a woman with style, grace and an eye for beauty. She simply “gets it.” You can have one meeting in her wonderland-of-fun atelier and your work is done. She does all the rest, creating an incredible, one-of-a-kind headpiece just for you, your event and style. Divine! - CECI JOHNSON

Expert Style Tips from Leah C.:

  1. Strike a balance: A headpiece should complement your neckline, whether it’s round, asymmetrical, straight or sweetheart. Headwear should also balance the skirt: if you’re wearing a huge ball gown, don’t wimp out with a small flower in your hair.

  2. Let the feathers fly: Consider feathered boutonnieres for the groomsmen and feathered headpieces for the girls.

  3. Use color: Color is emotional and provocative – don’t be afraid to use it in your headwear! Most of us have colors that evoke special times in our lives or that lift our spirits; personalize your fashion message on this magic day.

  4. Multiple looks: I recommend making the most of the different segments of your wedding and having two looks. The ceremony carries a more serious tone and the reception a lighter, party atmosphere so your headwear choices can reflect these differences. Change from wearing a beautiful veil to a fun hair ornament with maybe a touch of veiling for the reception without sacrificing your complete look.

  5. Use the experts: Get your veil made by a milliner, not a dressmaker! Each field has its own expertise – be sure to check out the company’s reputation, testimonials and the background of the brand so that you're investing wisely.

  6. Go for it: So many times I hear, “If I could do it over again, I would have gone with more dramatic headwear!”

  7. Visual focus: Remember that the visual focal point is the bride’s face, her smile and the look in her eyes. Whatever is closest, a.k.a. your headwear, adds to this vision. Don’t underestimate the importance of what's in your hair.

  8. Choice of accessories: Your choice of hair accessory and veil should reflect your personality, not any current trend. It should be about your vision of yourself and the feeling of the dress, i.e. soft & romantic or clean & tailored.

Leah C.’s collections are available to view by appointment in her Manhattan studio. To schedule an appointment, please call 1.212.947.3505.

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