V32: Expert Style Tips - Tips for Planning and Designing a Wedding by Rebecca Stone of {duet} Weddings

Expert Style Tips

Rebecca Stone of {duet} weddings

{DUET} WEDDINGS To me, being a wedding planner is about much more than spreadsheets and timelines. It's about being a friend and confidante. It's about listening and guiding. It's about inspiring and creating. I find such beauty in nature and love, and spend my days dreaming of ways to translate this into the most special of celebrations: your wedding day. My boutique approach ensures that each wedding is planned with meticulous thought and care, and that each beautiful detail is infused with the personalities of my couples.

Rebecca is one of the kindest and most sincere people I know. She genuinely becomes your friend and confidante when you're working with her. What's more, she is always pushing her creativity to the next level – a value I share and appreciate so much in others. I love her desire to create beautiful things, which is very apparent in the events she produces. - CECI JOHNSON

Tips for planning and designing a wedding by Rebecca Stone of {duet} Weddings:

  1. Personalization: My all-time top tip is to make it personal. The most beautiful weddings are those full of meaning and personality. Creating a celebration that is a true reflection of each special couple is always my ultimate goal.

  2. Location: It all begins with the location that will serve as the canvas, or backdrop, for the day. For the photo shoot being featured this week, we chose the Firestone Crossroads Estate because we were drawn to its natural beauty and the incredible feeling of spring that was in such abundance.

  3. Design direction: I’ve never been much of a theme person, so I always look to my couples, the location, and time of year to inspire the direction of the design. After walking through the estate together, soaking it all in, and gathering ideas for the event, we were charmed by the songbirds dancing about through the trees. This in turn became a subtle motif that we wove into the details: the birdcage “chandelier”, the lovebird illustrations on the invitations, and even the vintage song sheets used as placemats - they all evolved from the sweet chirping coming from the trees. A short drive down the road led us to a berry stand full of juicy, vibrant color - another spring-inspired detail that influenced the color palette and helped shape the favor display. The flowers we used were all the freshest, best-of-the-season blooms. Nothing is more beautiful than that! Because spring is all about a fresh start, we thought we would bring new life to vintage tins, using them to hold the beautiful blooms.

  4. Stationery: Stationery is the best way to set the tone for a wedding. Personal, custom-designed invitations evoke emotion, beauty, and excitement long before the big day arrives. Guests begin to share in the joy the moment these little works of art arrive in their mailboxes. Incorporating coordinating paper pieces throughout the wedding not only creates a cohesive look but offers an opportunity to bring in special, personal touches - details you can keep forever.

  5. Sweetness: Keeping guests' comfort in mind is incredibly important; small, sweet touches can go a long way. On a warm day, cool beverages served just prior to a ceremony can be a welcome touch. We envisioned a refreshing berry punch that would be a perfect addition to our event, incorporating the local berries and fresh fruits.

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