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Expert Style Tips

Corbin Gurkin of Corbin Gurkin Photography

CORBIN GURKIN PHOTOGRAPHY Often, the elements of a beautiful, compelling photograph align in the blink of an eye. Corbin Gurkin is not only skilled at capturing that unique moment, but also at understanding what that photograph means to a couple in the context of a lifetime. A true destination photographer, Corbin has photographed weddings in places as diverse as coastal Maine, California’s wine country, historical Charleston, Paris and Tuscany. Her work has been regularly featured in print and online by The Knot, Inside Weddings, Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings.

When you’re looking to hire a photographer, you want to find someone whom you love not only for their pictures, but for their personality, too. It’s essential you click, since they are capturing all the intimate, beautiful moments of your big occasion and are going to be with you for the entire day. To me, Corbin Gurkin is the whole package. She is kind, easygoing and effortlessly captures the most gorgeous moments in time. I also love her immaculate attention to detail and eye for styling. This is a rare skill only the best photographers possess. Corbin is born with “the eye” and knows how to do what it takes to capture the perfect image. - CECI JOHNSON

Wedding Photography Tips by Corbin Gurkin Photography:

When photographing a wedding, I always think about the full narrative of the event. There are elements of the day that you will find in every couple’s album – the first kiss, the family portraits, the cutting of the cake – that add a sense of emotion to the wedding story. They’re what we think of as the event's key moments. A very important but sometimes less emphasized part of the photo collection is the wedding décor. In my opinion, nothing personalizes a wedding more than a unique styling vision. After all, beyond the ceremonial traditions, this is what makes the wedding really “you.” With that in mind, I love to capture the details in a stylized way that will create an editorial look to your collection of photos.

  1. Start with the invitation set: Think of your invitations as your wedding brand - what immediately identifies your style - and ask your photographer to take pictures of them. I like to use an image of the invitation as an album opener. Like you see here on CeciStyle, it’s fantastic to style the invitations with a background that complements the feel of the wedding. For the photos in this week's issue, I styled Ceci’s designs on a wood floor that I found on the property, adding in natural elements such as lilacs or a bird's nest. The rustic quality of the reclaimed wood complemented the vintage aesthetic of the farm-table design.

  2. Capture the details: Suggest that your photographer capture the details to fill in the narrative. For example, during the cocktail hour, not only do I photograph the guests mingling and take an overview shot to show a sense of space, but I also love to get close-up details of things such as food trays or a guest in a fabulous dress holding a cocktail. Guests are usually very flattered that you want to capture the décor or food elements using them as a backdrop!

  3. Keep consistent styling: Stick with a concise vision for the décor and carry this styling throughout your wedding design. With so much inspiration out there, it’s tempting to combine too many of the elements in your design repertoire. I find that the most beautiful tablescapes allow for some breathing room and emphasize a handful of floral elements or props that complement each other.

  4. Be detail-oriented: Look for a photographer who has an eye for detail. In a sense, the photographer is styling you as well. The more conscious he or she is about the elements making up the composition – from the way your gown falls to the flowers in your bouquet – the more beautifully captured your images will be.

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