V28: Expert Style Tips - The Guide To Valentine’s Day Dining by Josh Beckerman, The Foodie Magician

Expert Style Tips

Josh Beckerman, The Foodie Magician

JOSH BECKERMAN, THE FOODIE MAGICIAN Josh Beckerman has been entertaining the masses since the tender age of 4. His verbal dexterity is matched only by his astounding command of sleight-of-hand. He has amused audiences at private parties, weddings, bar/bat-mitzvahs, corporate events, and clubs around the world, and can be seen regularly at parties, events, and restaurants around New York City. Whether you're entertaining the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a group of 8-year-olds, Josh will make your party an amazing one. His brand of up-close magic mixed with comic patter makes him a great addition to any special occasion. Josh also writes about restaurants and food for his website www.nycfoodie.com. He is known as the “foodie magician,” and you can find him every night of the week at a different restaurant wining, dining, and entertaining!

I’m all about authenticity and have an affinity for those who can master their talents. I saw Josh Beckerman perform once and was truly blown away by his skill. If I were to say he has a way with card tricks, it would be an understatement. He has a gift. (Not to mention his love of food, which goes straight to my heart. Maybe he can magically get me a reservation at New York’s most in-demand restaurants!) Hire him for your next event and your guests will be talking for months about his completely unbelievable, jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing tricks. - CECI JOHNSON

The Foodie Magician’s Guide To Valentine’s Day Dining:

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That romantic holiday, brought to us by Hallmark, for commercial gains. The holiday of romance. Love. And, hopefully getting lucky… It comes around once a year, and once a year you are faced with that dreaded dilemma. “Where do I take my date?” Well, The Foodie Magician is here to give you a few suggestions. I’m single, but know about almost every restaurant in NYC. So, these are just a few, but all are from the heart.


  1. Recette:Set in a romantic space in the West Village, Jesse Schenker’s unique dishes, prepared with great flavor and texture, will get your date excited. Christina Lee’s desserts will close the deal. (Order the Smores dessert!)

  2. The Little Owl: Another West Village restaurant, quaint and homey, romantic, perfect for a date. Joey Campanaro’s cooking will warm you up.

  3. Daniel: Nothing says romance like a four-star French restaurant. Daniel Boulud’s namesake is upscale and four-star all the way, from the food, to the room, to the service. It doesn’t come cheap, but neither does love.

  4. Peasant:Woodburning-oven-Italian-cooking in Nolita will have your date crooning for you all night long.

  5. Marea: Michael White’s Northern Italian seafood on Central Park South is fabulous. The sea urchin crostini with lardo is an orgasm in your mouth.

  6. Gramercy Tavern A true Danny Meyer winner. An always solid restaurant.

  7. Torrisi Italian Specialties: Another gem in Nolita. The inspired Italian cooking, in a charming space, will have your date smiling all night long.

  8. Casa Mono: Have some fabulous Spanish tapas near Gramercy Park. The open kitchen will excite your date. The wine will put them at ease, the fideos with chorizo and clams will have them moaning.

  9. Sushi Azabu: Sublime sushi at this sushi treasure located within another restaurant. It’s hidden, its romantic, it’s great.

  10. WD-50: Why not take your date to NYC’s most experimental restaurant. Wylie Dufresne’s ingenious dishes are creative, unique, and out-of-this-world. It’s not dinner, it’s an experience. Your date will be forever grateful for this true culinary adventure.


Nothing says romance and love like drinking. Here are my suggestions of where to take your Valentine to drink wine, or to just get plain old drunk.

  1. Anfora: Fabulous and perfect.

  2. Terroir: Passionate about wine.

  3. Bar Jamon: Spanish wine heaven.

  4. Apotheke: Hidden in Chinatown, this cocktail lounge serves amazing drinks in a great setting.

  5. Mayahuel: The way to most anyone’s heart is tequila. This tequila and mescal haven will get your date drunk - in a good way.

  6. The Pegu Club: Expert cocktails in Soho.

  7. Lani Kai: You might not get lei’d at this Hawaiian-themed cocktail den, but hopefully after a few delicious cocktails you’ll get laid.

  8. Raines Law Room: A hidden cocktail den on 17th Street that surely hits all the spots.

  9. Death and Co.: Mixology done right in the East Village.

  10. Cienfuegos: If your date loves rum, bring her to this lounge. It’s all they serve, but the drinks are fabulous.

  11. The Summit Bar: An awesome cocktail lounge in the way East Village. If your date loves red bell peppers, order the “Ground to Glass” cocktail - it’s mind-blowing.


  1. Jacques Torres Chocolates: Nothing says Valentines Day like chocolate. Take your date to the “King” of Chocolate, Jacques Torres, his chocolates will treat you just right.

  2. Chickalicious: This dessert bar in the East Village will inspire your date.

  3. The Doughnut Plant: The peanut butter and jelly donut from The Donut Plant is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Your date should put it in their mouth too. Trust me.

  4. Payard: Francois Payard is a pastry wizard. The best.

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