V25: Expert Style Tips - Five Tips to Tying Your Table Decor to Your Invitations by Ivy Robinson Weddings and Events

Expert Style Tips

Ivy Robinson of Ivy Robinson Weddings and Events

IVY ROBINSON WEDDINGS AND EVENTS Ivy Robinson, owner of Ivy Robinson Weddings and Events, is known for her chic and innovative approach to wedding design. She is recognized as an industry leader for infusing her clients’ personalities into their weddings. Ivy has been featured on Style Network as well as in regional and national publications.

The minute I met Ivy Robinson, I knew she had what it takes to succeed. She is smart, dedicated to her talent, passionate about style and unique creativity, and one of the funniest ladies on this planet. Her sense of humor makes working together so enjoyable, you forget you are actually working! Plus, her down-to-earth personality, partnered with her desire for excellence, makes her one of the best. Turn yourself over to her talented hands and your event will be one of the hippest around. - CECI JOHNSON

Five tips to tying your table decor to your invitations by Ivy Robinson Weddings and Events:

  1. First Impression: The invitation is an introduction to the tone and feel of your wedding. It sets the color scheme, mood, and foundation of the event; it teases the guests' imaginations and is a glimpse of what is to come on your big day. It's like a preview of a movie. Don’t skimp in this area—you don’t want a bad preview of your wedding. Give your guests something to look forward to. Ignite their excitement through your invitations and all further correspondence.

  2. The Inspiration: The inspiration for this tabletop design was the invitation suite itself—the colors, the laser-cut birdcage, the birds, and the tropical feel that isn't your typical shells and palm trees. The information card had a tree with a birdcage hanging from it. The trees infuse a natural wood element, which is how the inspiration to use a wooden table and benches evolved. The birdcage hanging from the tree gave me the idea to hang driftwood over the table. The laser-cut leaves on the bellyband inspired the oversize leaf chargers that are under the plates. My advice in seeking inspiration: don’t try so hard. Look past the obvious and your inspiration is typically right in front of your eyes—sometimes you just have to stop looking for it.

  3. The Colors: Ceci introduced a monochromatic purple palette throughout the invitations. When designing the table, I decided to add a pop of color that would coordinate with the purple. This is how the orange was introduced. When working with your wedding colors, you can add that pop (an unexpected element) at the reception. Start training your brain to think of all items in that particular color. I had mango daiquiris made as the signature drink and found the mini birds of paradise that served as stirrers.

  4. The Unexpected: To make a wedding interesting, an element of the unexpected should be brought into the decor and design of the event. With this particular Ceci invitation suite, the unexpected element was the laser-cut invitation sleeve with the bird and birdcage. I reintroduced this in the laser-cut napkin rings. To take it one step further I introduced the peacock feather, which added that pop of color and flair to the overall design. The floral chandelier was created from a piece of driftwood that I found in a local florist shop. Everyone scratched their heads and thought, “What is she going to do with THAT?” I hung it upside down over the table, put some oasis in it, and picked flowers and leaves from the yard. Voila—the end result was a floral chandelier!

  5. The Final Look: The only thing I had with me for inspiration for this design challenge was the invitation suite. While others shipped over suitcases of props for their table, I brought nothing but my imagination. Everything used in this editorial shoot was local and unexpected - items that I found on the property and in the villa. Be confident in your style, trust your taste and ideas, and challenge yourself to step outside of the box and look around.

Ceci New York inspired me to think differently for this shoot - and when planning your wedding, you should do the same.

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