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Ashley Carter of Goldbug Studio

GOLDBUG STUDIO In Ashley Carter's world, details are detailed. As the doyenne of Goldbug Studio, Ashley has created a collection of sparkling handmade follies, fairy-tale inspired figures, decadent headpieces, and vintage-style party embellishments. In addition to the Goldbug Studio Collection, the company also sells hundreds of styles of vintage and vintage reproduction millinery flowers, leaves and berries - rare lovelies from the 1920's thru 1950's. Handmade gifts & Southern entertaining have always been a Carter family tradition, and that is where Goldbug Studio has its roots. A mixed media artist with a background in textile design & marketing, Ashley's first collection was introduced in July 2001. Today, Ashley & her artist team have created custom designs for celebrities & fabulous women, men, children & pets around the globe.

I love creative people who can make beautiful things out of found treasures from around the world. Ashley and her team of creative talents have a unique way of turning those random objects into rare works of art. With their Southern charm and flair for whimsical fantasy, they specialize in creations that make a wonderful addition to any special occasion. - CECI JOHNSON

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