V9: Expert Style Tips – Creating a Flawless Table Design by Jessy Wolvek of Fleurs NYC

Expert Style Tips

Jessy Wolvek of Fleurs NYC

FLEURS Jessy Wolvek, owner and lead designer of Fleurs NYC, has been creating fantasy events all over New York City and beyond. Initially trained in Japan, her unique style has been featured in multiple publications, including The Bride and Bloom, The Knot, New York Magazine Weddings, and many others.

Connecting with someone’s personality is key when hiring a designer for your event. Of course, his or her talent is an important factor. But I’ve found that if they’re not a friendly person to work with, that just makes their craft not as attractive. What I love about Jessy is that her passion for excellence is as beautiful as she is. Her bubbly personality and warm heart make her so enjoyable to work with. - CECI JOHNSON

Creating a flawless table design by Jessy Wolvek, Fleurs NYC:

When you host a party, whether it is a lovely dinner party at home, or as extravagant as a wedding or a grand social occasion, you want to try to create an environment where your guests get to experience a little bit of your artistic side and set the tone of the evening with a look that reflects who you are. Inspiration for designing your event can come from many places, especially if you have a well designed invitation suite!

When Ceci and I discussed this design challenge, I was immediately excited and inspired by her work. So many ideas were flowing of how I could interpret her gorgeous invitation designs and turn them into beautiful tablescapes. It was hard to choose, but I selected three of my favorites from her exquisite White Label Collection and set out to create three totally different looks. All three of these invites are stunning, but all have very distinct messages to me. English Garden has a simple botanical elegance and whimsy. Spanish Rose has a vintage, china pattern feel, and Lalique's Art Nouveau design harkens to a time of Great Gatsby, a time of pure decadence.

To design a flawless table, you have to consider the message of your invitation. Then you need to define the four key components that will make your table come to life:

1. The linens - your backdrop 2. The container or vase - your centerpiece 3. Your tableware and votives - your accessories 4. The flowers - your finishing touch

Let’s examine the 4 elements of table design:

  1. The Linens: Linens are the backdrop that help you paint the rest of the picture. The color palette of the invitation will assist with this. Often I choose a backdrop, or linen color that complements the invite and helps the main color palette really stand out. All accessories on your table will match with the invite. This point is clear with the English Garden table. The collection has a very simple black and white palette, yet I chose a chartreuse linen in rich dupioni silk in order to make those blacks and whites pop!

  2. The Container: The second most important visual is your container for your flowers. For the Spanish Rose table, this romantic invite has a color palette that lends itself to vintage elegance. The entire feeling reminds me of your grandmother's finest heirloom pieces that should be pulled out of the china cabinet for your party. Of course, I had to use a footed vintage silver urn for the flowers. Imagine this table with a modern white glass vase, or clear cylinder, instead. It would be a totally different message. To keep the look consistent with the vintage feeling, we went with the urn.

  3. Tableware: The tableware you choose is like the accessories that change that little black dress into something spectacular. The Lalique collection harkens back to a time of indulgence right before the roaring 20s. To complement the rich gold candelabra, styled in the late 1800s fashion, I selected red champagne flutes to go with everything else gold. The elaborate gold china pattern dishware and stemware, and gold candlesticks, also really added to the feeling. If this were clear wine glasses instead of gold rimmed goblets and a red champagne flute, it would still be beautiful, but not nearly as dramatic. That little black dress sans gold earrings and fabulous necklace is just a little black dress. Cute, but not amazing.

  4. The Flowers: It may seem counterintuitive to think of flowers as last on the list when designing, but it is true, they are last. Flowers are critical. They make everyone feel good, and bring a lush a lovely quality in such a simple and perfect way. Additionally, you can design the same message with so many different types of flowers. What is important here is to really pinpoint what you are trying to say. For the Spanish Rose, I wanted to say "Vintage Elegance", and "Soft Tones". To do this, my flowers were peonies, but I could have accomplished the same message with garden roses, regular roses, hydrangea, or countless other soft, “petaly” blooms. For the English Garden table, I chose orchids, but any long white flower could have said the same thing - calla lilies, even hundreds of stems of baby’s breath would work too!

When considering all of your key table components, just remember to think about what they say together, and do they say the message that your invite says? As long as you have a clear message, it will be flawless! Have fun creating your own individual look.